“1000 Rings” by Kiddo AI and “New Whip, Who Dis?” by Daz Rinko will both be featured in the second batch of episodes of the new Netflix reality series Twentysomethings: Austin. “1000 Rings” will appear in Episode 9 and “New Whip, Who Dis?” in Episode 10, both premiering on December 17th.

About Daz Rinko & Kiddo AI

Best known for his upbeat, positive jams and genre-blending style, Memphis hip-hop artist Daz Rinko is an artist on the rise.

Kiddo AI is a gifted singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who writes music in a wide variety of genres including Pop, R&B, Latin and Electro Pop.

About “Twentysomethings: Austin” on Netflix

Living together and leaning on each other, eight twenty-something strangers become roommates to experience the highs and lows that come with being an adult. Including Houstonian Abbey, 25-year-old IT tech Raquel, insurance salesman Bruce, Miami native Natalie, model Kamari, residence coordinator Keano, fashion designer Isha, and aspiring comedian Michael. Based in Austin, TX, this new reality series depicts what happens when this group sets out to find success, friends, and love while learning to navigate the ‘new normal’ of America today. After all, the twenties are a crazy, weird, and special time in your life, and you only get to live them once.

Check out the series trailer below: