Bodega Sync is a full-service sync licensing agency and a division of Symphonic Distribution. We represent a diverse, highly-curated roster of independent artists, record labels and producers for easy-clear sync licensing. If you’re interested in working with us, please apply below!


Expert Curation

Our creative team has a combined 30+ years of experience in sync licensing, and our A&R strategy is solely driven by the collective experience of reading literally thousands of creative briefs from music supervisors. Our artist roster is carefully selected to deliver the strongest possible pitch for every production we work on.

One-Stop Sync Licensing

The majority of our catalog is fully pre-cleared for “one-stop” sync licensing. This means that we represent all the rights holders, enabling us to quickly and efficiently license your music with zero hassle.

DISCO Library

Our complete one-stop catalog featuring hundreds of the best emerging independent artists in the world is available on DISCO Libraries. Available to a wide network of top music supervisors, this enables us to promote discovery beyond our own extensive contact network.

Interested in Sync Representation?