Evolving from his indie-rock project Boy Rex, Northern Michigan based singer-songwriter Jack M. Senff strikes a warm and sentimental tone on Good To Know You that pays homage to the folk Americana sounds of the early 1970’s. Opting for a more stripped down aesthetic reflective of his own personal listening preferences over the constant second-guessing of what he thought should be making for his audience, Jack M. Senff had but one criteria for songs for this album: “Do I like it? Good.”

“Just being Jack now feels like a needed breath of air, or like the rest of my life has opened up before me and I can go anywhere, do anything, write whatever music I want so long as it’s true to me.” – Jack M. Senff

The result is a gorgeous and intimate record, with just the right balance of production, tasteful lead guitar work and natural room noise to make you feel like you’re there with him as he performs. Standout songs include “Old Days”, “Full Decay”, and “Somewhere”, best when listened to on vintage headphones with a curly cable.