Bad Bitch” by No Suits is being featured in the first episode of the brand new NBC series Grand Crew, premiering on Tuesday, December 14th at 8pm ET as part of NBC’s “Preview Week”!

About No Suits

No Suits is Los Angeles-based band and production group blurring genres with an R&B and hip-hop-influenced blend that embraces psych-rock, funk, and electronic textures.

About “Grand Crew” on NBC

“Grand Crew” follows a group of young, black professionals in Los Angeles who meet up on the reg at their favorite wine bar to unwind, catch up, and find the humor in the ups and downs of their romances and professional lives. Life is better with your crew, they say, who consists of Noah, a hopeless romantic in too much of a hurry to settle down; his sister Nicky, a go-getter in real estate who’s adventurous in romance; Sherm, a low-key genius who plays the dating odds; Sherm, the genius and dating guru of the group; Anthony, a workaholic whose true love is his career; Wyatt, who’s relieved to be married and out of the dating scene; and Fay, a recently divorced looking to start fresh in LA. The gang finds solace in their weekly hangout at their favorite bar, where they hilariously unpack their troubles over a glass of wine.

Check out the trailer below: