We’re filled with PRIDE to announce that “Stuck On A Feeling” by Win and Woo (feat. Annelise Franklin) is featured in episode 4 of the new dramedy Glamorous. Go stream the full first season on Netflix, available now!

Win and Woo

Win and Woo are a production duo from Chicago composed of Nick Winholt and Austin Woo. Their electronic ­pop inspired blend of heavy melodies & driving bass lines work seamlessly with intricate percussion and organic elements. With massive remixes and world-class vocal features, this talented duo has been tearing up the dance music scene for well over a decade..

“Glamorous” on Netflix

Aspiring influencer Marco, a young gender nonconforming queer man whose life seems to be stuck in place, lands a dream job with a makeup mogul, played by legendary actor Kim Cattrall, and begins a dazzling journey of self-discovery amid work chaos and romantic challenges.

Check out the official trailer below: