Number six for Daz Rinko! We’re elated to announce that “Candy Mane” is featured in episode 604 of the final season of the Freeform series Grown-ish, premiering July 26th.

Daz Rinko

Effortlessly tackling difficult topics like love or religion and best known for his upbeat, positive jams, and genre-blending style, Daz Rinko is a Hip-Hop artist from Memphis with an irresistible Southern groove. This is Daz’s SIXTH placement with Bodega Sync, read up all on his past placements here.

“Grown-ish” on Freeformx

A spin-off of the ABC series Black-ish, the story follows the Johnson family’s children as they go to college and begin their journeys to adulthood, only to quickly discover that not everything goes their way once they leave the nest.

Check out the episode trailer below: