We’re thrilled to announce that “Coldcase” by the band Winona Forever is featured in the Sony Pictures romantic comedy-drama Love Again.

Winona Forever

Originally from Vancouver, but based in Montreal, Winona Forever is a self-described Indie Jazz Yacht Rock quartet that combines spicey rock riffs and arts and crafts rhythms to create delicious ready-to-listen pop songs. This was the band’s second placement with Bodega Sync after the one for CBC’s series “Run The Burbs”.

“Love Again” by Sony Pictures

Coping with the loss of her fiance, Mira Ray (played by Priyanka Chopra) sends a series of romantic texts to his old cell phone number, not realizing it was reassigned to journalist Rob Burns. Rob becomes captivated by the honesty of her words in the beautifully constructed texts. When he’s assigned to write a profile of superstar Celine Dion, he enlists her help to figure out how to meet Mira in person and win her heart.

Check out the official trailer below: