We’re excited to announce two placements by Y2 in season 2 of MTV’s reality series Help! I’m In A Secret Relationship! hosted by Travis Mills and Rahne Jones. The season premiere episode airs on February 28th at 9pm and features “Lose Control” and “No Days Off” by Y2.


Texas-raised rapper, songwriter and engineer, Y2 is a prolific savant whose exceptional lyrical range and mind-blowing dexterity is second to none.

“Help! I’m In A Secret Relationship!” on MTV

Travis Mills and Rahne Jones investigate couples to find out why these shady partners keep their significant others under wraps. These are the cautionary tales of people who believe they have found the love of their lives, only to discover lies at the core of their relationships. What if your true love is hiding a massive secret… and that secret is you?

Check out some highlights from Season 1: