Ahhhhh! We were a bit spooked to hear that “Ghost” by Madisyn Gifford is featured in episode 10 of the fourth and final season of The CW’s mystery drama Nancy Drew.

Madisyn Gifford

Having earned accolades from media, industry moguls and music-loving masses alike with her transcendent take on indie-folk, Vancouver’s Madisyn Gifford serves up stories and introspections as compelling as the soundtrack to which they are set.

“Nancy Drew” on The CW

The story follows Nancy Drew, a brilliant teen detective whose sense of self had come from solving mysteries in her hometown until her mother’s untimely death derails Nancy’s college plans. Devastated, she swears off crime-solving while crossing off the days until she can reapply to college, but when a socialite is murdered, Nancy finds herself a prime suspect in the crime, along with a group of other teens present at the scene.

Check out this season’s trailer below: