Nashville songstress Claire Guerreso’s anthem “New Day” is being featured in a new series of short films produced for HP’s The Garage called “Generation Impact”.

About Generation Impact: “The Coder”

Motivated to right the wrongs they see around them, these brilliant young minds bring together a love of science with a dedication to helping others. Each episode of Generation Impact features a young inventor using technology to make the world a better place. Their brilliance will change the world.

When Jay’Aina “Jay Jay” Patton discovered coding, she was a 10-year-old girl who had just gotten her first laptop, learning while peering over her dad’s shoulder. “She was able to comprehend and just absorbed it like a little sponge,” recalls Jay Jay’s father, Antoine Patton. Fast forward to today, and not only has the now 16-year-old built a groundbreaking app, but she is also helping teach thousands of people of color to code. 

The story of Jay Jay, her dad Antoine, and the organizations they lead, Unlock Academy and the Photo Patch Foundation, is the focus of the new short film The Coder. It is the first in a new docu-series called Generation Impact which celebrates young people improving their communities with technology. Directed by documentary filmmaker Samantha Knowles and executive produced by Steven Cantor and Stick Figure Productions.