We’re thrilled to announce that “REVERSE” by Royalty Statements will be featured in the first episode of the ALLBLK six-episode docuseries Supa Girlz, premiering on Thursday, March 7th.

Royalty Statements

Royalty Statements is a music production team and creative collective known for their pan-Caribbean sound, incorporating elements from dancehall, reggaeton, konpa, and Brazilian carioca funk. Centered around producer duo Janlou “Dumi” Borges and Andy “Dru” Goicochea, the group blends together their Caribbean roots with global eclectic sounds.

Supa Girlz on ALLBLK

This series follows a dance season in the life of one of the best high school dance teams in the country: the Miami Northwestern “G Girls.” Led by a boldly unapologetic and visionary director, Traci Young-Byron, the “G Girls” have become a trend-setting viral sensation whose successes and struggles reflect those of the neighborhood they call home: Liberty City, Miami.

Check out the official trailer here: