We’re proud to announce that Pool Kids has landed a spot in the most epic of all Epic Games, Fortnite! Their song “That’s Physics, Baby” is being featured on the Radio Underground channel, which is available while driving around during gameplay. This placement comes courtesy of the very awesome Midwest indie rock label Skeletal Lightning!

Pool Kids

Hailing from Tallahassee, FL, Pool Kids are an indie rock band with subtle math rock influences. It’s more like algebra than calculus though, very accessible. Relentlessly charming and full of raw youthful energy, this is easily the most fun band you’ll ever hear play in odd time signatures.

Fortnite’s Radio Underground

Radio Underground is one of the five radio channels included in Fortnite, which can be listened to while driving vehicles during gameplay. The Underground station is incredibly well curated with the best emerging indie talent around.

Check out the official video to “That’s Physics, Baby” by Pool Kids: