We’re very excited to announce that “This Might Be It” by The 1-800 is featured in episode 405 of Porsche’s miniseries “Michael Fassbender: Road to Le Mans”, available now on YouTube.

The 1-800

The 1-800 is a rock band from El Paso, TX, with an 80s’ pop-rock oriented sound composed by Robert Macias (Vocals/Guitar), Joshua Gonzalez (Synth/Keys), Robert Menchaca (Drums), and Armando Portillo (Bass). Their song “Lovewave” is popular on Tik Tok, with close to ten thousand videos featuring the song helping to drive millions of streams on Spotify and beyond.

“Michael Fassbender: Road to Le Mans” on YouTube

This mini series follows Hollywood star Michael Fassbender’s journey to Le Mans, where as an amateur driver with a team from Porsche Motorsport he aims to measure himself against the pros in the ultimate racing event.

Check out here the full episode: