Courtesy of our partnership with Leeway in South Korea, we’re heungbunhan to announce that “cocoa” by the indie K-Pop artist Sweet The Kid is being featured in the new romantic dramedy series XO, Kitty. The full first season drops May 18th on Netflix and the song appears in episode 6. Don’t miss it!

Sweet The Kid

Sweet The Kid is a South Korean independent R&B singer-songwriter and lyricist usually writing about love and expressing over aurally minimalistic melodies with a remarkable vocal ability and style.

“XO, Kitty” on Netflix

This spin-off of the “To All the Boys” film series follows Kitty Covey, who believes she is extremely knowledgeable on love and moves halfway across the world to Korea, aiming to reconnect with her long-distance boyfriend. She finds, however, that a relationship is much more complex when it is her own feelings of love at risk.

Check out the official trailer below: