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Inspired by a butterfly observed on a trip to Costa Rica, Katmaz wrote the stripped down and intimate song “Blue Morpho”. Known for being unattainable by predators due to its unique flying patterns after being intoxicated with rotten fruit, the blue morpho lives in a state of unpredictability. Although content spending their life alone, the butterfly embarks on a life-long journey to find its mate. The song paints a metaphor with the animal’s erratic behavior and the elusive nature of a former lover. In 2020, native New Yorker and singer-songwriter Matt Kazmierczak embarked on a life-changing journey of self-exploration that took him to twenty national parks across the US. The three-month journey eventually led him to create his debut album ‘Tell Me How Great You Are’. Now that he’s gearing up for his second album release ‘Willoughby’ at the end of the year, Katmaz gives his listeners a glimpse of […]

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