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“Mulholland Drive”, the second single off the upcoming LP on Mixto Records by King Canyon is an ode to Los Angeles and the perfect song for a Sunday morning cruise down the iconic road. As if having Eric Krasno wasn’t enough to get you in the mood, this track also features the legendary Derek Trucks. The combination of these two guitar masters results in a groove as smooth as a baby’s bottom. King Canyon was founded during the pandemic when the two-time Grammy winner Eric Krasno came across Otis McDonald’s music online and reached out to connect. Using Pedál, a remote collaboration tool, the two musicians along with Otis’s collaborator Mike Chiavaro began working on what would become the King Canyon album. Just to gild the lily, Krasno brought along guest performers like Son Little and Derek Trucks, who lends his guitar magic to “Mulholland Drive”. The resulting album is […]

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