Tag: Endless Summer

CASHÆ’s single “Endless Summer” (ft. Kiddo AI) is being featured in the season finale of MTV’s “Ex On The Beach” airing on October 17th. About CASHÆ Producers Abomb and Joseph Michael met in a sound recording class while attending Miami Dade College. Abomb introduced himself after overhearing Joseph Michael singing and playing his own rendition of ‘Santeria’ by Sublime on the piano. They both recognized each other’s true talent and potential to not only be incredible musicians together but business partners as well. Once in the studio, the vibe between them was undeniable. Three months later, Abomb and Joseph Michael joined forces to open their own studio. Bangers began to flow. With sounds and skillsets complimenting each other so effortlessly, they decided to make the collaboration official in 2016. Together, they named the new DJ duo CASHÆ, and worked together to define their own sound in the industry: Trapical. CASHÆ’s […]

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