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LA-based Dominican rapper Jenn Morel celebrates life with this fun new single “Sigue y Sigue” (Go On and Go On). This fun, infectious party anthem is the perfect summer song with its Dembow rhythm and energetic vocals. We dare you to listen and sit still! Jenn Morel is a fast-rising international LatinX star, known for her aggressive flows and viral videos as a social media influencer. In a few short years she’s made big strides within the industry, scoring sync placements with Samsung, Fortnite, and Just Dance in addition to racking up over 80 million streams across platforms. With her signature energetic sound, Jen has also become a top figure in the Zumba community.

“Some Songs”, the modestly titled sophomore album by Nashville singer-songwriter Juni Ata takes us on a nostalgic trip through classic Americana. Touching on all the precious moments we experience throughout life’s journey, Juni’s earnest and emotional vocals breathe life into his poetic lyrics. The five-track EP features a range of talented local musicians and singers Sierra Ferrell, Madi Diaz and Lauren Farrah. This record was a labor of collaboration as much as any other love. From the outset it was an endeavor that provided us impetus to calling up everyone we knew, admired, or to whom we otherwise felt drawn. Some said yes, some maybe, some no. The people that said yes became the album. Their voices are forever entwined with mine, their stories blurring to take shape in my song. In this case, it took a village to raise a child. And what a dear child she has grown to be! –     Juni Ata After […]

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Originally hailing from a little town off the coast of Venezuela, the Latin art collective Zeta just released their latest album “Todo Bailarlo” on the midwest indie rock label Skeletal Lightning. The group collaborated with a collective of musicians spread out across the world known as The Abajo Cadenas Orchestra to explore a variety of genres popular throughout Latin America. The album is very much reflective of the group’s roots and multifaceted cultures. The collective’s sound varies from dense polyrhythmic percussion with Afro-Carribean influences to retro 70’s post-rock psychedelic tracks. The true essence behind the collective is that they honor the ideals of resistance against the unjust treatment of living beings and cultural/racial prejudices. Whether it’s through music, film, design, or cuisine, Zeta’s style and sound can be perceived in many different mediums. For a visual perspective, check out Zeta’s vibrant music videos from “Todo Bailarlo”:

The sophomore album from Canadian singer-songwriter Päter, ‘WHEREFORE WEEP I THEN?’ is a pure expression of their unique, eccentric indie pop style. The EP addresses struggles of love and all its accompanying anxieties; all delivered in a wry, subversive tone. Päter’s latest single, “FAN FAN FAN” is a quirky breakup song which approaches the sensitive topic with a welcome bit of levity: FAN FAN FAN was written from the point of unrequited love when you’ve cried every last tear, lost every last minute of sleep and things start to get a bit topsy turvy. There’s a deliriousness to it. I wrote this when I was feeling particularly stubborn about a relationship that wasn’t going my way. It let me release the tension around it and laugh at myself a bit. I think if you’ve ever been there, you’ll understand the melodrama of this song. It feels that dramatic when you’re in it. –     Päter Iran-born and […]

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