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Channeling the political angst of revered artists like N.W.A and Rage Against The Machine, BADTALKERS hold nothing back in their new single “I Like It Loud”. Featuring Benjamin Carter, this track is a bit of a departure from their typical sound and is focused on class disparity. We as human race in America are polarized and our leaders are united in keeping the middle and lower class down. Politicians are out of touch with the communities they claim to serve.The wealthy class has a firm boot on the soft neck of the ruling class with no plans to vacate. Stop the car. We want out. Burn it all, or at least listen to us scream about it. BADTALKERS is a band composed of Richard Leon, Christian Edusada, Matthew Groves and Danny Huerta, proudly hailing from Compton, CA. The multiracial group tackles an array of hot button issues like poverty, gun […]

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