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From the moment you listen to Instupendo‘s music, you instantly get sucked into his beautifully eccentric mind. At just 22 years old, he spent the better part of his teen years meticulously developing his own singular sound marked by his soft, whispery voice amidst a flurry of artfully enveloped electronic textures. With his brilliant new album “Love Power A-Z”, just out this week, Instupendo takes his craft to a whole new level. Considerably more poppy and upbeat than his previous album “Boys & Girls”, Instupendo balances out his deadpan vocal delivery with a healthy dose of whimsical sound design. “For everything, I designed tiny sounds that fill and stretch the songs to their full potential, like gum (akin to Vespertine-era Björk). Each song’s meant to feel like a diorama or fold out book, stuffed with little secrets waiting to be noticed.” Never content with going too far in any one […]

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