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When you make music with your life partner, it gives you the freedom to expose your most vulnerable side. Having done so for more than a decade, Alejandro y Maria Laura have developed a unique sonic language. In their new single “Lagrimón” (or “big tear”, in English), Maria Laura takes the concept of a big tear and weaves it into a metaphor for the deep sadness and longing she feels for her mother. As her emotions build, her lagrimón fills the clouds and grows into a storm. Translated into English: The sky is closingThe big tear is pouring downEvery time I want toWrite a song about youThe sky is closingThe big tear is pouring downLet it fall, let it rainLet the heart heal itself Originally from Lima, Perú but now living in Mexico City, this singer-songwriter/producer duo incorporates Latin American folklore and elements of classic film score into their signature sound. Their intimate and […]

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