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Is it spring yet? Even though winter is just beginning, we can all relate to having a special someone that makes it feel like spring all year long. In “like (spring)”, the latest single off of her EP “imposter syndrome (b sides)”, singer-songwriter Mae Krell delivers a heartfelt and warm indie-folk track where she dives into the complexities of love. Through her earnest lyricism and vocals tied with beautifully recorded organic instrumentation, Mae strikes an emotional spark: This isn’t what I was looking forIt’s what I’ve only had in dreamsLaying in the grassAnd your eyesThey shine like spring The New-York based singer-songwriter started off as a photographer and at the age of seventeen decided to venture into music where she found her voice as a musician. Earlier this year, Mae was also a recipient of the LGBTQ+ Emerging Artist Award through the Music Forward Foundation in partnership with CitiBank and […]

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