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Another brilliant release from the label Skeletal Lightning, Jack M. Senff’s new album ‘Low Spirit’ feels like an introspective road trip through the middle of America. The album title track “Low Spirit” deals with the complexities of life and the toll it can have on our lives. Yeah it’s been hard to watch the world as it’s ending…& though there might be hope come tomorrowIt’s always just out of reach in the moment—That’s time spilling through the cracks in my handI’m a low spirit in a strange land The Michigan-based singer-songwriter found his new voice as a solo artist after having been a member in the indie rock bands Merchant Ships, Midwest Pen Pals and William Bonney. Following in the tradition of great Americana singer-songwriters like Neil Young, Jack’s music gets it’s impact from his depth of songwriting and sincere vocal delivery. Jack landed his first ever sync recently with his song “Old Days” in CW series The […]

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