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We’re pleased to announce multiple placements in the first season of The CW spin-off All American: Homecoming. This season featured music by CRSB, Julian Xtra, TruRebel Migs, Daz Rinko, and Chewii. CRSB      Creators of their own unique brand of Soul-infused Island Pop, CRSB is a musical duo based out of the San Francisco Bay Area consisting of members Chris Ramos and Sonny B. Their song “Vibrations” appears in episode 102, which premiered on February 28th. This placement is their fourth, following past syncs on their songs “With You (ft. Irie Love)”, “Action”, and “M.I.A”. Julian Xtra Julian Xtra is a Brooklyn-based rapper/producer constantly urging authenticity and delivering lyrics that prove that finding success all starts with a state of mind whose energy organically thrives in a live concert environment. His track “Humaning” also appears in episode 102. This is Julian’s third placement, after the two in the HBO […]

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