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A fast paced song for a speedy series! The hypnotic dembow banger “Chapón” by Jenn Morel is featured in episode 302 of Red Bull’s F1 racing series Racing Road Trips, premiering on August 16th. The episode featuring “Chapón” is titled “¡Vamos, Vegas!”. Jenn Morel Jenn Morel is a Dominican-American rapper known for her aggressive flows and in your face attitude. With her unique sound, she’s garnered over 100 million streams and scored sync placements with Samsung, Fortnite and Just Dance. Red Bull Racing Road Trips Over the years, the Red Bull Racing Formula One Team has taken F1 cars and drivers on the road to explore (and impress!) Grand Prix host cities around the world. This time, one of their cars hit the streets and even a casino as the sport celebrates its arrival in Las Vegas. Check out this episode here time coded to when the song is synced!