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Growing pains. We all experience them and in Madisyn Gifford’s latest project, ’Sleeping On The Ceiling’ she dives deep into her experience and bares all emotion. The twelve-track indie-pop record is full of vulnerability and introspection as Madisyn tackles topics like mental health but also serves as a love letter to her female friendships. It tells the story of growing up and out of some of the darkest places I’ve ever been in with the“slow and steady wins the race” mentality I had while living through it. It’s about grieving the experiences that my younger self had to go through in relationships and navigating how to move on into new ones while doing that. Vancouver native Madisyn Gifford has quickly grown her following just over the past two years after releasing her debut EP, ‘Learning To Exist’ on 604 Records. The indie-folk singer-songwriter has garnered millions of plays and praise […]

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