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“Some Songs”, the modestly titled sophomore album by Nashville singer-songwriter Juni Ata takes us on a nostalgic trip through classic Americana. Touching on all the precious moments we experience throughout life’s journey, Juni’s earnest and emotional vocals breathe life into his poetic lyrics. The five-track EP features a range of talented local musicians and singers Sierra Ferrell, Madi Diaz and Lauren Farrah. This record was a labor of collaboration as much as any other love. From the outset it was an endeavor that provided us impetus to calling up everyone we knew, admired, or to whom we otherwise felt drawn. Some said yes, some maybe, some no. The people that said yes became the album. Their voices are forever entwined with mine, their stories blurring to take shape in my song. In this case, it took a village to raise a child. And what a dear child she has grown to be! –     Juni Ata After […]

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