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The Hause’s new EP ‘Hause Arrest’ captures the heart and soul of Amapiano, the latest house music wave hailing from South Africa. The buzz around this specific fusion of deep house, Afrobeat and jazz has certainly increased over the years and is finally making a mark in the US. While this new genre serves as a key influence on the style and dance culture within South Africa, you can also find it sweeping Tik Tok with its viral trends and challenges. The underground genre gained popularity during the pandemic but is now a staple in the LA and NY music scenes. With rhythmic and percussive bass lines tied with airy synths and tranquil vocals, the ‘Hause Arrest’ EP delivers an enchanting collection of quintessential Amapiano tunes. Comprised of multi-talented musicians and instrumentalists, The Hause is a new music collective from  Accru, Ghana. The band consists of local artists MisterKay, Mark Adachi, Yom Woody, Bolton and MASTER MAISON […]

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