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Very excited to announce our first placement in the new ABC spin-off series The Rookie: Feds! Episode 13 features “Boom” by Bryce Green, and airs on Tuesday, January 24th at 9/8c. This song is currently unreleased and is a total banger, might be worth watching the episode just to hear it! Bryce Green Bryce Green is a rapper, singer, and one of the most exhilarating hip-hop artists to emerge on the scene whose fierce lyricism, electrifying charisma and melodic singing sets fire to any scene. “The Rookie: Feds” on ABC This spin-off of the police procedural crime drama “The Rookie” follows the story of Simone Clark, the oldest rookie in the FBI Academy, who is enlisted by the LA division when one of her former students is a suspect in a terror attack. Check out this episode’s trailer below: