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The master of effortless flows, Call Me Ace drops his latest single “WANTS & NEEDS” from his upcoming album RENAISSANCE PERIOD. With production help from longtime collaborator J-Dot, Ace delivers an emotionally charged hip hop track that talks about the true necessities of his life: All I want is your time all I need is your loveAll I want is to know that you someone that I could trust All I want is your presence all I need is the truthAll I want is your words to imitate what you do This highly gifted multi-faceted artist lives a double life. By day he works in Silicon Valley, by night he transforms into the prolific Bay Area rapper Call Me Ace. In both roles he’s a total boss; working diligently to uplift disenfranchised communities, spread positive vibes and celebrate culture. Ace’s music has been licensed for brand activations and he was featured as an artist in the “Roadmap […]

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