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Kendra McKinley’s inventive new EP, ‘Where Does A Body Begin?’ is a heady blend of modern jazz, neo-soul, R&B and alt. pop influences. As a courtesy to her listeners, Kendra provided some helpful listening notes: I’d recommend listening to this album while wearing a robe, brushing your teeth in the shower, braiding hair, smoking weed with your bra off, making out, drenched in sun, drenched in salt water, feeding grapes to your crush. I’d recommend this record while you’re cleaning your room, or staining a blank page with ink, or hidden under a pile of sheets fresh out of the dryer. I’d recommend this record as a companion for introspection, or as an incantation for connection. Where Does The Body Begin?’ is the second EP from the Californian who is now based in New York. Known for her sensual melodies, avant pop sensibility and strong vocals, Kendra McKinley is a […]

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