Nashville duo Adrian + Meredith have always marched to their own beat, pounding the pavement and putting their own spin on Americana. Their music embodies the spirit of the human story with a nod to punk, the heart of folk, flavor of Polka, and bounce of swing.

What started as a Klezmer tune, turned into a full rock and roller, their new single “Even” is a processing moment as we continue to watch both sides of the political spectrum cut off their noses to spite their face. With social media allowing for a lack of accountability in confrontation, this song is an observation of the obsession with false justice and “getting even” as opposed to true conversation and healthy debate.

Four years since their debut release, Adrian + Meredith take their fearless, blistering, and Balkan-tinged Americana to new heights on their sophomore record, Bad for Business, a raucous, rebellious and home-spun variety show. The record is the sound of Adrian + Meredith’s front door, propped wide open. The listener is drawn inside by the couple’s warmth, intensity and frankness—and in the end, left with a sense of easy joy and friendship the times have all but forgot.