Anna Yvette’s new instrumental “Crystal Call” takes you on a journey through her signature synthwave realm. The track’s etherial retro synths and ping-pong delayed drums will transport you right back to the 1980’s. Anna’s production chops on this track are stunning, giving listeners a sense of floating through a vapor cloud of lush synthesizers. The sidechained drums are drenched in delay and reverb, giving the track a pulsating rhythm that propels it upwards to dreamy heights.

Hailing from Long Island, Anna Yvette is a successful artist, writer and producer, and one of the most sought after vocalists in EDM. With songs that have been featured in many popular video games like Rocket League, Forza Horizon 4 and Need For Speed, she’s enjoyed success as an independent artist and through prominent labels such as Big Beat, Atlantic Records, NCS, Monstercat, Armada, OWSLA, Revealed, Interscope and Universal. Anna maintains a steady 500k+ monthly listener audience on Spotify with a total 125+ million streams, while songs she either wrote or was featured on have been viewed on YouTube over 7 billion times. As a producer/songwriter Anna has lent her signature sound to dozens of successful artists all while prolifically self-producing her own music and mentoring other independent artists through the Hidden Sounds community.