Based on the fantasy novel A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Mass, which follows two characters and their complicated relationship as they battle monsters and find love amongst deception, singer-songwriter Beth Crowley’s new single “I Didn’t Ask For This” is absolutely enchanting. The dark and melancholy tone of the track is simultaneously heartbreaking and triumphant, a signature style for Crowley:

I’m sinking down
If you only knew how hard it is
For me to climb out
I’m kicking and screaming
But no one can hear me
So what happens now
The shadows are creeping in
I didn’t ask for
I didn’t ask for this

The prodigious Nashville-based artist is known for her eclectic indie-pop songwriting, most of which is dark, ethereal and cinematic. With over 159k followers and 30 million views on her YouTube channel and 378k monthly listeners on Spotify, she’s solidified a loyal fanbase through her unique songwriting approach. Crowley’s music is primarily inspired by young adult serial fantasy novels like Dark ArtificesDivergent, The Lunar Chronicles, Harry PotterThe Hunger GamesThe Fault in Our Stars, and Shatter Me. Capturing the essence of these stories through her songwriting has helped her build up an audience through a connection with the devoted fanbase of these books.