We all have regrets, and from time to time our mind wanders to what might have been had we made different choices. No decision impacts us more deeply than those relating to love, which for better or worse can completely reroute the course of our lives. It’s this concept that Beth Crowley contemplates in her poignant new single “Storm Chaser”

For over a decade, Nashville singer-songwriter Beth Crowley has been writing and recording songs inspired by Young Adult Novels such as Dark Artifices, Divergent, The Lunar Chronicles, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars and Shatter Me. Writing songs from this unique perspective has given her sound an undeniable cinematic quality, channeling their emotional themes and providing a powerful soundtrack to these revered storylines. Since 2011 Beth has been a strong presence on YouTube, amassing more than 30 million views and 142k dedicated followers to her official channel. In addition to her music, Beth is also a passionate advocate for mental health and has completed her first novel with an accompanying seven-song soundtrack of original music. 

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Beth Crowley- Storm Chaser (Official Lyric Video)