One of the best things about working with indie artists nowadays is that the internet has all but shattered the paradigm that brilliant artists are only found in major cities. The truth is there is incredible art being made everywhere, and it’s inspiring to live in a time where you can write a song and get it out to the world with little more than a laptop.

22-year-old Blayne B. lives in Great Bend, a small town in Kansas with a population of just under 16,000. Releasing his first single at just 12 years old, he’s spent the past decade prolifically writing songs exploring themes of intimacy, identity, anxiety, substance abuse, and depression. Equally adept at both rapping and singing and with a talent for melody far beyond his years, Blayne’s music doesn’t fit neatly into any one genre. But the raw emotion in his songwriting is universal and undeniable.

His fourth single of 2021, “Alright” is about how the lure of sex can trap two people in a toxic relationship, repeating the same destructive patterns that inevitably result in jumping back into bed with one another. Blending together genres that frankly don’t mix very well, Blayne manages to tastefully incorporate elements of trap, punk, and emo into this catchy hook:

When do I call if it’s not even midnight?
A symbol of hope in a world that don’t feel right
How is life?
Hope you feel alright

And what do I say when the pain isn’t sunshine
A symbol of hope in a world that don’t feel right
How can I make you feel alright
Don’t hold it in

Blayne just received his first-ever sync placement with his song “Underdog Running W/ My Head Off” running on ESPN through the summer and is currently their monthly featured artist. Surely the first of many to come, we’re excited to have him on our roster. Keep your eye on this one!