Bronze Radio Return is back with a new compilation album Chillers, featuring the best of their mellower organic material from the past decade. The album features a brand new song “Natural Rattle”; a warm and heartfelt song about the everyday woes of life, encouraging us to stay strong through it all.

So unwind, but don’t unravel
We can’t help but be a little fragile
Through the clatters and sudden crackles
Are the sounds
Of the natural rattle
Vibrating us all
The natural rattle
Vibrating us all

In the band’s signature fashion, “Natural Rattle” starts off with an open, reverberant soundscape, with Chris Henderson’s finger-picked guitar and piercing vocals shining through like a ray of light after a storm. The song remains calm and subdued until the introduction of a beating kickdrum, quickly followed by lead guitar and bluesy harmonica that lifts the song up into the atmosphere like a tornado.

Since its founding in 2007, Bronze Radio Return has gained much recognition and earned the reverence of their massive global fanbase. Well established in the sync community as well, they’ve enjoyed featured placements on every major network and ad campaigns with dozens of major brands. Bodega Sync is proud to represent Bronze Radio Return’s complete catalog, including a number of one-stops which the band recently regained the full rights to.