The world could use more songs like “Right There Beside You”. Authentically sincere and uplifting, this one is all about being there for each other in times of need.

“This is a song for the times, highlighting the importance of companionship while we struggle to get by in the world. Who knows when things will resume as normal? But having a person or group of people accompany you throughout helps make things a bit easier. This is a nod of the cap to those who’ve been by your side throughout the good times and the bad.”Rob Griffith

Opening with a mellow and heartfelt verse, the band quickly picks up steam in the chorus with the addition of a funky rhythm guitar that gets your head bopping. Lead singer Chris Henderson’s mastery of songwriting in on full display, with distinct chaptering and dynamic flow taking you on an incredible four-minute journey. And as always, a soaring chorus that’s catchy as all get out.

For over a decade Bronze Radio Return has been steadily building a worldwide audience for their unique brand of anthemic, danceable roots rock. Racking up nearly 100 million streams on Spotify and over a hundred sync placements over the course of their career, they’re one of the most successful bands you’ve probably never heard of. After working with various labels and publishers throughout their career, in 2020 the band went independent and has since released three incredible new singles we’re proud to be representing for one-stop sync licensing.