Amidst the most turbulent year in living memory, “Still Wandering” by Bronze Radio Return is an inspiring ray of light. The song delivers the positive message that despite the despair that comes from being on an uncertain path, a healthy sense of wonderment always keeps life interesting and new.

“I think this song speaks to those who are out there searching for something different or better, and being open to change along the way. This band has endured a lot of change and challenges over the years, yet we’re always excited for the future, and as we open the next chapter, we approach it with more wisdom, but the same drive we had over a decade ago when we were getting started. We’re still keeping on, and still wandering.” – Rob Griffith

Though a stripped-down sentimental ballad, the song still manages to deliver the band’s signature big choruses. The layered vocals in the hook are simply massive, sounding as though they reverberate endlessly into the distant horizon. Paired with vivid imagery in the lyrics, the song gives the listener a sense of being out in the wilderness on a journey into the unknown.

Tracked during the early months of the pandemic with their longtime producer Chad Copelin, “Still Wandering” and “Tell It To Me” are the band’s first two fully independent one-stop releases. Continuing with their epic decade-long run of sync placements (far too many to list here), we’re very excited to see where these incredible new songs end up being placed!