Summer adventures, childhood nostalgia, the sweet memories that take us back…that’s the vibe of producer/DJ duo Cashae’s new single “This Moment”. The newly dropped music video for the track is a perfect visual representation of never wanting this moment to end. Cashae’s self-coined “Trapical” sound is a unique blend of Pop EDM, Trap, and Latin Caribbean influences.

This refreshing, global sound earned them over 5 million independent streams in 2019, features on Spotify’s New Music Friday and radio play in 79 countries from the U.S to France to Denmark, Nigeria, and Hong Kong. They’ve also landed sync features on MTV and HBO and Les Mills exercise programs. Most recently, they have worked on tracks for artists like Mau y Ricky, Selena Gomez, Bad Bunny, Halsey, Kat Dahlia, Johann Vera, and more.