Sometimes even with the best intentions we all make empty promises. That’s the theme of Cecilia Gault’s latest single “Pinky Promise”, an energetic Hyperpop banger featuring her signature sultry vocals. In Cecilia’s own words:

I wrote the lyrics promising to never break my lover’s heart, but through the lyrics I share how most promises to lovers are not kept: “No fingers crossed, boy, I won’t lie… it won’t happen twice”. I wanted to embody an innocent sounding seductress that goes around breaking boys’ hearts, which in real life is something I strive to be.

A Manhattan native born to Japanese and Irish parents, Cecilia Gault was influenced by cultural traditions and developed a passionate drive for success at a young age. She celebrates her heritage by featuring both English and Japanese lyrics in her music. Cecilia’s song “Lunatic” was recently featured in season 2 of HBO Max’s ‘FBoy Island’, the first of many syncs to come!

Check out the sexy video for “Pinky Promise”, which is a bit NSFW but if you work from home then you’re all good! Enjoy. 😉