Some of you may not know that Bodega Sync is actually a division of Symphonic Distribution. Those that do know probably aren’t aware that our founder and CEO Jorge Brea is also a killer producer. His early struggles to release his own records independently in Tampa is what drove him to build his own distribution company from scratch. Over the past decade Jorge has kept busy growing Symphonic into a successful multinational corporation, yet he still finds time to make music.

Producing under the moniker Loko Velocet, Jorge approached longtime collaborators Chewii & Govales to help create a social justice song with a distinct Reggaeton vibe. The result of this collaboration was “Dance Through The Pain”, a LatinX anthem celebrating liberation from the chains of racism and inequality.

“The minute I heard the production, the lyrics flowed for the verse. I was having a hard time with finding the right melody for the hook that would really drive the song, so I asked Govales to help me write something.” Chewii recalls, “we ended up recording a duet of sorts and he gave it that trap touch by adding to the production as well.”

Despite the brooding militant vibe of the intro, the uplifting lyrics provide a counter-balance of love and positivity in the face of generations-old struggles. With lush, cinematic strings adding even more tension as the song builds, Chewii & Govales harmonize to bring the song to its most dramatic peak in the lead up to the final chorus. The February 5th release celebrates Black History Month, and is a tribute to all those who confront racism with indomitable positive energy.

Check out the music video for “Dance Through The Pain” on Vevo: