Have you ever felt so consumed by love that it feels like your soul is on holiday? 

In “Soul Holiday”, the first single off of Chewii’s highly anticipated full-length album Fragments of Me, the Quebecois songstress dives deep into the overwhelming and all-consuming effects of love. The sultry, dreamy, yet melancholic song imagines the idea of the perfect holiday one would never want to end.  

You grant my dreams 
And make my life complete 
A text from you 
Can turn my day so sweet 
Time seems to stop 
And us is all I need  
Collecting all these treasured memories

Following Chewii’s debut EP entitled Black Skin Lullaby which dealt with themes of social justice and racism, her new album pivots to a modern take on love. With a wide range of influences including Aretha Franklin, Alanis Morisette and Erykah Badu, the Montreal-born soul singer, producer and songwriter is creating her own lane in contemporary R&B. Fragments of Me was co-produced by her creative partner Govales and is slated for release on December 10th. 

Chewii – Soul Holiday (Official Music Video)