On the heels of her recent placement on “The Blacklist”, Claire Guerreso is at it again with a brand new single “In Our Blood” that’s being featured in a TV promo for the upcoming Southern Eastern Conference Softball season starting this week! Produced and co-written by Nashville sync veteran Jeff Bowman, this powerful anthem is drenched in confidence, attitude and southern swagger.

A masterful topliner, Claire wastes no time getting straight to the point:

Some people are born with it
And others they work so hard
Trying to get ahead
They never get very far

Life is short the days are long
We break our backs but
We can’t quit because
It’s in our blood

Adept at writing and performing in a wide range of genres, Claire’s true specialty lies in writing songs specifically tailored for sync. After her song “Save Yourself” was featured in the trailer for the critically acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road, she continued to generate buzz online when her single “Skipping Stones” was featured in Pretty Little Liars and was later remixed by the Dutch duo Deepend, eventually appearing on Tiësto’s weekly radio show “Club Life” and other DJ stations overseas. Following her initial success, Claire built a strong reputation in the sync world and has locked down far too many placements to even begin to list here. We’re very lucky to have her on our roster.