Claire Guerreso’s new single “The Let Down” is anything but. Haunting as always, this song is heavier than Claire’s usual sound yet still somehow manages to come off dreamy and emotional. The track opens with a deep cacophony of distorted noise, quickly underpinned by a chunky beat and the jarring clang of electric guitar chords. Claire’s lyrics are introspective and melancholy, but maintains a raw edge thanks to the massive production chops of her producer/co-writer Suede James.

I wrote The Let Down about the feeling you get when something ends. It’s not a bad thing, just a transitional feeling. The Let Down is the other side of anticipation. This song’s driving beat will stay with you through the highs and lows.

A darling of the music supervision community for over a decade, Claire Guerreso is among the most successful artists in sync. Her music has touched countless millions, having been featured in hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Equalizer, The Sex Lives Of College Girls, The Blacklist, All American, and many more. With millions more listeners on Spotify, she’s established a dedicated fanbase who just can’t seem to get enough!