Chances are you already know Claire Guerreso and have probably licensed her music at some point. Her massively successful songwriting career has seen an enormous number of sync placements over the years, with her original work being featured in shows like Greys Anatomy, Nashville, Pretty Little Liars, All American, Nancy Drew, Sacred Lies, Love Island, Staton 19, as well as several film trailers, promos and nationally broadcast TV spots. With a deep catalog of incredible music spanning several genres, there are few briefs we get these days that don’t result in us pitching some of her songs. Top shelf.

With everyone feeling a lot of stress and anxiety in this moment, there are times it can feel a bit like a nightmare. Claire’s upcoming single “Wake Up” is an epic anthem letting people know they are not alone in their struggles.

“Sometimes, we wish the bad things happening in our lives or around us were dreams and we could just…wake up.” – Claire Guerreso.