Dan Berk is a bit obsessive, which might actually be his secret weapon. As a child, his deep love for acoustic cover artists like Leroy Sanchez, Megan Davies, Boyce Avenue and Emma Heesters led him to start over-analyzing every detail of the craft. He soon found himself cracking the code to the perfect acoustic cover and set out to begin recording his own.

Starting in 2018, Dan released a steady string of acoustic covers that quickly racked up well over 100 million streams on Spotify. These covers seemed to resonate deeply with the Gen Z crowd who found comfort in his emotional renditions of songs like “Solo”, “Burn”, “Hey Brother” and “Ruin My Life”.

Now with a devoted fan base of 1.1 million Spotify monthly listeners, Dan Berk is moving into the next phase of his career by finding his own voice as an artist. This past week he debuted “Ghost Stories”, the title track from his upcoming debut original album. Co-written by Annika Bennet and Andrew Tufano, this heartbreaking ballad is all about an old ex-boyfriend that haunts his days:

Midnight talkin’ in your kitchen
Neither one of us would say we were wrong
I tell my friends what I’d do different
And they have to remind me you’re actually gone

Ohhhh, I don’t know why whatever I do
Has me slipping back into the moments of me and you

With the full album slated for a release this Fall, “Ghost Stories” marks an exciting new chapter in Dan’s career as a young songwriter.