In diet lemon’s latest single, “natural”, he rhetorically wonders why he always runs away when things get complicated. This driving indie rock track incorporates diffuse chattering voices, swirling synths, piercing guitar riffs and reverberated toy bells to create an other worldly texture throughout.

The song is the battle between past trauma and new beginnings. You find yourself falling into something new and beautiful, but now you must actively challenge the negative memories associated with misplacing your trust before. “natural” is upbeat and exciting on the surface, much like a budding relationship – but the lyrics undertone a deep-rooted anxiety.

Courtesy of the label Elton Audio, diet lemon is the self-produced solo project of Mega Mango’s guitarist Alexander Spagnolia. Alexander has perfected his blend of indie rock, pop, and bedroom rock while exploring the genre of “Phruitcore” with his debut single “lime”. However, it was his breakout single “melt” that heavily tapped into the rudimentaries of rock and gained over 3 million streams on Spotify.