So like, who hasn’t been snatched by aliens at some point in their life? It’s a huge problem. But when you see those little bug-eyed extraterrestrials coming down at you, there’s only one thing to do. Blast them out of the sky with that BASS!

UK producer DirtySnatcha has you covered with subsonic blasts from his new EP “Snatched, Vol 2”. The five song EP opens up with the massive track “Alien Shit” featuring Detroit rapper Chase The Dream, which is admittedly far too filthy for network television. Looking at you though, Netflix. Sup?

Organically building his following through collaborations with artists such as Riot Ten (Dim Mak), Rico Act, Boogie T, Lucii, and Monxx, DirtySnatcha has made a name for himself as a premier producer and remixer in the bass community. With his own independent label and several million streams across platforms, he’s surely responsible for neck injuries to an unknowable number of headbanging fans.

LEGAL NOTICE: Bodega Sync is not liable for any personal injuries or irreparable damage to subwoofers resulting from the playing of “Snatched, Vol 2”.