The debut EP Enfield by Tejano artist David de la Garza, better known as DLG., is a journal of his personal development. Each song was composed in a different place — either mentally, physically, or in the case of “Tortuga” temporally, having been recorded when he was just 14. The concept is to not just showcase a collection of new songs, but to document his growth as an artist over time.

Behind the lush grooves, the songs deal with the notion of stepping into the unknown and knowing that it will change you. DLG. focused on these themes of self-empowerment and the progression of life as he continued to grow and develop as a musician himself. 

“The Storm” specifically was made almost entirely with sounds from objects in my bedroom. The kick drum is me literally kicking a microphone, the snare is me slamming a book shut, and lots of other small weird sounds. The result is something that sounds very organic and encapsulates the energy in the room at the time I made it

The EP ranges from bouncy, chill mid-tempo tracks to slow sentimental songs, all featuring his warm falsetto and retro soul aesthetic. The cover art for the EP and the corresponding singles features stunning artwork by award-winning designer Joyce Rosner, better known as his mom.

DLG. has been featured on several Spotify editorial playlists including Young and FreeAlternative R&BTrap Nation, as well as several key curated playlists in Latin America. His skill set also extends to the creation of the music as he writes, records and engineers his own tunes. Still quite young, DLG. is a prolific artist that maintains a steady listenership of over 300k Monthly listeners on Spotify.

His song “Real Life”, written and recorded in collaboration with the band No Suits was just featured on the new series 4400 on The CW. We expect it to be the first of many for this promising young artist.